Pioneer DJM S11 Scratch-Style 2 Channel DJ Mixer


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Pioneer DJM S11 Scratch-Style 2 Channel DJ Mixer
Pioneer DJM S11 Scratch-Style 2 Channel DJ Mixer
Pioneer DJM S11 Scratch-Style 2 Channel DJ Mixer
Pioneer DJM S11 Scratch-Style 2 Channel DJ Mixer

Pioneer DJM S11

The Pioneer DJM-S11 brings you a brand new 2-channel, 4-deck battle mixer that adds a number of enhancements from it’s predecessor, the DJM-S9. While also offering a number of new features to help your performance whether you’re using Serato DJ Pro or Rekordbox.

4.3 Inch Touchscreen with high frame rate

Boasting a 4.3” touchscreen, the DJM-S11 allows you to save time looking back and fourth from your laptop to your mixer. This high frame rate colour touch screen shows you everything you need from waveforms, to BPM. Allowing you to stay in the zone and concentrate on your performance.

It’s perfect for browsing tracks and it’s even customizable. So you’re able to configure it to your preferred layout style.

Industry First – Smooth Echo

What’s more, the DJM-S11 sports a brand new and industry-first smooth echo feature. Assign this feature to your choice of controls and turn it on using the dedicated Smooth Echo button. Then, the echo will be controlled as soon as you move your selected control.

With a number of changeable parameters on this effect, smooth echo allows you to create entirely new sounds using the DJM-S11 while you’re scratching or finger drumming. Something that was previously a challenge to achieve.

Enhanced design, larger pads, and low latency

Easily navigate around the clean design and feel the mixer respond to your performance. The load button is also larger on the DJM-S11 and makes track selection even quicker. There’s also next to no latency, while the performance pads have got bigger too. Making them even easier to hit during intense DJ battles!

Scratch Bank: Rapidly access your sounds from Serato DJ Pro

Another new addition to the DJM-S11 is the new pad mode, Scratch Bank. Allowing you to instantly load scratch samples from four banks that you can assign within Serato DJ Pro.

You can use this feature to load from a specific start point as well. So you can drop In full tracks quickly during your DJM-S11 routine. On top of that, Combo Pad mode in Serato DJ Pro allows you to use up to four different pad modes simultaneously and combine more features.

High-quality audio

Housed inside the DJM-S11 is a whole host of premium audio technology. Ensuring every detail of your performance is heard loud and clear. With studio-quality 64-Bit mixing and dithering processing inside the DSP; as well as a low-jitter clock circuit and 32-bit high-quality D/A converter in the master output section. Inheriting a high-density, raw sound from the DJM-900NXS2.


If you thought the crossfader on the DJM-S9 couldn’t get any better. It does exactly that with the DJM-S11. Enhancing the feeling of the faders while boosting the rigidity of the knob mounting axis by 30%. Therefore, you can scratch with more confidence while reducing wear to the top panel. So your mixer will stay fresher for longer!

22 FX

Sporting 22-built in effects, you’ve got all 15 Beat FX from the DJM-S9. As well as 7 new ones including Channel Fader Pitch and Helix. Allowing you to instantly trigger effects and edit them via the touch screen whenever you like.

You can also trigger up to 6 more from your DJ software to create new and unheard sounds.

Direct USB connections: Ditch your hub

Additionally, there’s no need to use an external USB hub with your DJM-S11. Simply plug your DJ Controllers and other devices directly into the dual USB-A ports. You can also hook up two CDJs to use HID mode, while the mixer includes two USB-B ports for connecting two laptops simultaneously. Perfect for smooth changeovers.

Plug and play and MIDI mapping: Use Serato DJ Pro or rekordbox for free

Finally, the DJM-S11 is a hardware unlock device for Rekordbox. Giving you free use of Performance mode. While enabling DVS control when connected to a computer running the software. You can also enjoy plug-and-play use of Serato DJ Pro for free without having to activate a license. Plus, with advanced MIDI mapping, you can assign every button and knob to control various functions in the DJ software, enabling you to perform however you want.

Pioneer DJM S11 Scratch-Style 2 Channel DJ Mixer
Pioneer DJM S11 Scratch-Style 2 Channel DJ Mixer
Pioneer DJM S11 Scratch-Style 2 Channel DJ Mixer
Pioneer DJM S11 Scratch-Style 2 Channel DJ Mixer