Adam Hall K20C15 Multicore with Stage Box 16/4 15m


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Adam Hall K20C15 Multicore with Stage Box

The Adam Hall K20C15 offers you a professional multicore to stage box featuring 20 channels; (16x channels in and 4x channels out). With a length of 15 meters, it is a perfect choice for either home or recording studio use.

Benefits of the K20C15 Stage Box in a Studio

A stage box essentially connects audio equipment to a mixing console. It, therefore, becomes an interface used in sound reinforcement and recording studios. It will provide a central hub for you to connect microphones, instruments, and speakers to a multicore; that is then connected to a sound desk.

The benefit is that it simplifies the setup and avoids the need to run a myriad of individual cables from instruments to a sound desk. Stage boxes are especially useful when a wall separates a mixing console from the recording artists. As an example, using the K20C15 for multiple musicians in a dedicated room is a great way to record.

In a studio environment, a typical setup would consist of a multicore stage box on one side of a room (for musicians); and the main extension cable would run through a wall into a mixing console.

6x Inputs and 4x Outputs

Since the K20C15 multicore with stage box offers 20x channels to work with, it is a fantastic way to record drums with a full band. It includes 16x Female XLR type 1-A INPUT connections that all feature a Nickel-silver contact. These 16x input channels accept XLR and are great for multiple instruments that are using microphone XLRs.

The K20C15 also features 4x Male XLR type 1-B OUTPUT connections that also feature Nickel-silver contacts. The K20C15 features a powder-coated finish as well as a sturdy steel construction for durability. Also present is an integrated carrying handle that is very convenient when moving the K20C15 around. Both ends of the multicore have been number-coded for you; so you can easily reference and identify each channel.

The K20C15 will provide you with high-quality metal XLR’s and offers you high flexibility and maximum audio integrity.